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Posted By : DeathMagnetic - 1/6/2013 11:55 PM
I am having more problems with Bullguard. My DLNA has stopped working and again I am forced to turn off my firewall just to watch a video on my PS3. In addition to that Bullguard keeps handily informing my that I'm performing a port scan an has blocked it, even though I'm doing it from my phone on what I have already told it is a trusted network. These settings were all fine and it all worked (although I had to go through an intense battle just to get DLNA working in the first place) until a couple of weeks ago. Now I'm suddenly faced with Bullguard cutting off every attempt at trying to do anything.

Further to the DLNA problems, I'm being told in the Firewall logs that the rule that's blocking the DLNA discovery on my PS3 and my phone is the "Network Discovery Others (TCP In)" rule which states that all TCP traffic from any IP address should be allowed. wtf?

Posted By : DeathMagnetic - 1/7/2013 12:27 AM
I've fixed the DLNA problem, for some reason the rules had been altered to block all TCP and UDP before the rule to allow UPNP ports was tested. But that now raises the question of why my firewall rules changed at all? I haven't touched anything until having to fix it now.

And the port scan attack problem still remains.

Posted By : Robert Mateescu - 1/8/2013 2:33 AM
Hello typhoon_2099,

Please contact our Support Team directly, as we need to check the Firewall logs and rules, and posting them here would be unwise.


Robert Mateescu
Senior Support Technician EN

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