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Posted By : just a guy - 1/9/2014 12:00 PM
Hello my problem is the following. I tried to use the bullguard downloader to download bullguard internet security but the program crashed. Here's a screenshot...

I contacted support to download the whole installer file but when i try to run that it goes through the screen that says verifying installer and then exits. Is there anyway i could solve this problem? Thanks. nono

Posted By : NorthPole - 1/9/2014 4:44 PM
It won't help except to give you reassurance you're not alone, but I had a similar problem installing BIS 2014 when it was first launched last year. I did get it to install by re-running the online installer, though - have you tried that?

Posted By : just a guy - 1/10/2014 9:26 AM
Yes i tried also restarting the installer multiple times but it's always the same result. The full installer goes through the screen were it says verifying the installation files or something like that and then exits. I have tried many things... Even reinstalled the xp but it's still the same result. Maybe i am missing some runtime files or something but i dont get such error. yeah idea

Posted By : just a guy - 1/10/2014 9:28 AM
I wonder what runtime files and components the full installer needs...

Posted By : Drizzle - 1/10/2014 10:27 AM
Hi justaguy

Not sure if this any help,I apologize if this obvious.

If this is your first time loading, then contact 'support live' they will be more than helpful to get you up and running.

or, if if you are updating and having the problem, then again contact support and they will ensure you have uninstalled any previous data.

Hope you get sorted soon.

Posted By : Andreea-Luciana Ostache - 2/1/2014 8:55 AM
Please make sure that you have all the Windows Updates installed on XP, Start > Programs > Windows Update > Custom and select all the important and optional updates (except Windows Search 4.0).

Also, the problem could occur when your internet connection is having millisecond interruptions, that aren't long enough to get noticed, but long enough to corrupt the download. Downloading the full installer that Support gave you is the best option in your case.

Andreea-Luciana Ostache
Senior Support Technician EN

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Posted By : NorthPole - 2/3/2014 6:47 PM
Andreea, shouldn't the online installer be running an integrity checksum test after completing the downloading process and before starting the install?

Posted By : Shams - 2/5/2014 7:20 PM

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