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Posted By : NMiles - 1/29/2014 1:35 AM
I have uninstalled and installed the software twice now following the advice from BullGuard Customer Support, (I have only just recently installed this programme), but I am still getting this message. Is it important? How can I remove it - this is quite frustrating.

Posted By : BruceMe - 3/19/2014 1:38 PM
I've had a similarly unproductive exchange with BullGuard Customer Support, which insists that I must uninstall (and not reinstall) other security software, e.g. Hitman Pro/Alert, Emisoft and Malwarebytes, de!!!!e them being on-demand scanners/utilities rather than real time. My response is that they're explicitly designed to work alongside, say, Bullguard. I think it's right to be concerned when the Realtime scanner reports that it isn't working, even if it subsequently starts OK. Mine is a recurring error. I'm thinking of submitting a formal complaint about the handling of my enquiry and the nonsensical responses I've had to date.

Have you found a resolution since late January? Shall I update you as and when I find one?