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Posted By : VegemiteKid - 4/10/2014 11:18 AM
I'm sorry for posting in this forum, but I do not have the ability to post in the "Alerts and New Threats' forum. Can you advise if this threat is credible, or if the media i just running a screaming scare campaign? And if credible, has Bullguard added it to it's list to protect against?

Cheers, Kat

Posted By : Robert Mateescu - 4/10/2014 7:24 PM
Hi Kat,

The vulnerability is real and hopefully all companies patched Open SLL by now.

After extensive investigations from our Security Experts there was no evidence of our clients data or personal information being compromised. Nevertheless, a series of actions were taken in order to make sure that our servers will never be affected by this type of vulnerability again.

It is good practice to update your passwords after such vulnerabilities have been discovered (especially the details regarding Online Banking).

Best wishes!

Robert Mateescu
Senior Support Technician EN

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