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Posted By : NorthPole - 6/21/2014 1:24 PM
The Firewall Networks advanced settings in BIS 2014 Ver. show two networks associated with my Wireless LAN card, of which only one is checked as 'trusted' by default. What is the other network 'fe80:: /64', and what are the risks (if any) of checking it as 'trusted'?

Posted By : Robert Mateescu - 6/21/2014 2:38 PM
Hi NorthPole,

The fe80:: entry is the IPv6 network, as most network cards provide support for both IPv4 and IPv6.
You can mark it as trusted without lowering your protection.


Robert Mateescu
Senior Support Technician EN

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Posted By : NorthPole - 6/21/2014 5:35 PM
Thanks Robert - so that's what it is! Although I used to work in computing, the technical side of networks was always a mystery to me!