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Posted By : ptibbott - Today 5:44 PM
Hello, installed GE today and received the following message by mail. Not much use then seeing as is it will become useless in less than a week.
Welcome to BullGuard
You have installed BullGuard Gamer's Edition. A wise decision, as BullGuard will now protect you against viruses, hackers, spammers and theft of personal information like credit card numbers. And the best thing is that you can enjoy gaming without interruptions, knowing that your computer is secure.
Here are the details of your registration:
Licenses: GE
Expire date: 1-11-2009 
Important information
This information is personal and must not be shared with anyone as it is the key to your BullGuard account. Your BullGuard account allows you to change your password and manage your subscription.
BullGuard Gamer's Edition
The Gamer's Edition provides complete computer protection, ensuring that your gaming experience is safe and uninterrupted. Remember that the Gamer's Edition protects you against online threats at all times - also when you are not gaming.
Please get in touch with our Support if you have any questions. You can contact our Support 24/7, either directly from your BullGuard application or by clicking here.
Kind regards,
Claus Villumsen
Head of Security, BullGuard

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Posted By : Alin Vlad - 10/28/2009 10:55 AM
Please tell me if you have installed the program from a CD or from our website. Also, please provide me with your BullGuard username by PM.

Alin Vlad
Senior Support Technician

Posted By : Multimedia Shop - 8/3/2010 11:38 AM
we have a computer store and we sell bullguard products.

the last few days we have encountered problems with the expiration dates.
w e install e new bullguard gamer edition (or internet security) and activate the key.
the program says we are protected for 365 days (everything ok) and after 3 days our clients return saying that bullguard is only active for 3 days anymore.
we reactivate the key it says again 365 days and 2 days later the client again returns with the same problem.

is this a know problem

our customers are !!!!ed. we want to know what solutions you have for us



Posted By : Tavi - 8/5/2010 8:42 AM

@ ptibbott: Please note that the email you received is not correct, as it had the date of your initial trial account. So you should not worry, as long as you can see your subscription details in the BullGuard application.

@ Multimedia Shop: Your issue should be studied and we will do so as soon as you send us a couple of license keys or account usernames. You can do this via email to,, or via our Live Support Chat.


Octavian Arvunescu
Senior Support Technician

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Posted By : umairaraza100 - 6/27/2011 1:19 PM
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