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Posted By : megana - 11/3/2013 1:34 PM
When I try and play WoW its picking up the latest patch as a virus - which ive read up on and several anti-viruses have done - however i dont know how to set it so it will accept the patch.
any help would be great as im getting fed up of having to turn on the gamer profile for world of warcraft or turning my anti-v off all together to be able to play every time i turn my pc off and on

Posted By : Andreea-Luciana Ostache - 11/3/2013 11:54 PM
The false positive detection was reported and it should be fixed.

I will kindly ask you to confirm that you have updated your BullGuard and the issue still persists. Also, if this is the case, please contact our Support Team, so we can investigate why you have difficulties.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Andreea-Luciana Ostache
Senior Support Technician EN

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