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Posted By : Snappy222 - 6/10/2012 1:59 PM
Is Bullguard blocking

I have a website hosted with ( which I've had for around 5 years. 4 Days ago I was unable to view my wepage properly and would just get a white page with no background or template showing, text displaced all over the page. I checked on my ipad and my webpage opens normally. My visitors can view my page normally but I can't.

Having been in touch with about this they said it was my ISP and to get them to flush the DNS servers. However having spent over 2 hours with my ISP they found nothing wrong and told me to disable my antivirus and hey presto I could view my page normally again (wish I had done that in the first place and saved 2 hours).

Since then other website owners hosted by are also suffering from the same problem but are using different antivirus programmes so I advised them to disable their antivirus to see if it worked and it did so it seems to be something our antivirus programmes are picking up and blocking us from viewing our webpage properly!?

I can view my website using proxy servers but not as I would normally unless I disable the antivirus. I have never had this problem before and have the lastest Bullguard software and update automatically all the time. I haven't changed any settings or added anything to my website recently to cause this to happen.

I also read that host 96,000 other wbesites all on the same server and saw Google results saying that so many viruses etc had been detected by users of over the last 90 days!!

As so many of us using are now unable to view our webpage properly (affecting users from around the world and not just one location) unless we turn off our antivirus is this a problem caused by or by our antivirus and if our antivirus programmes are picking up something what is it and how to get around this so we can view our webpages!!

I'm not technically minded so simple English would be very much appreciated. Quoting technical terms at me will throw me in to a coma :-)

Many thanks for any assistance you can give.

Posted By : stanleywan - 6/10/2012 4:40 PM works fine to me.

Try this:

Posted By : Snappy222 - 6/10/2012 4:59 PM
Yes getting works OK but I can't view my own webpage properly on my own computer when visiting my website at

In order for me to view my webpage I have to turn off my antivirus as do many others who are having problems viewing their own webpage from their computer. There are several of us using Bullguard who just can't view our wepages so Bullguard must be blocking something in order for this to happen.

I've done the IP searches but can't see anything????