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Profile Created :Sunday, October 17, 2010
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 Windows7 Live Mail
In fact, unticking the "scan outgoing mail for virus" sorts the problem
BullGuard Trial usersAlan5151
10/17/2010 4:55 PM

Windows7 Live Mail
I seem to have a bug in Bullguard. I have Win 7 livemail linking to my Blueyonder/virgin account. When I type new email and hit its "send" button , nothing happens. If I choose option to send l ...

BullGuard Trial users

10/17/2010 11:45 AM
 Bullguard reported as 'off' in W7 Action center
yes, "me to": new PC , trial vsn came with the PC. "spurious" action centre reports of the absence of the bullguard firewall. Will be reverting to the free competion (**G). Also : it doesnt work f ...
BullGuard Trial usersAlan5151
10/17/2010 11:39 AM