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Profile Created :Thursday, September 11, 2008
Last Seen :Saturday, April 25, 2015
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Location : Copenhagen Denmark
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 BIS Build 15.0.300?
Just updated to [b].301[/b] No change. The problem is not solved :mad:
BullGuard CustomersRegmos
4/21/2015 8:50 AM
 BIS Build 15.0.300?
From Denmark. I've had .300 since April 9th, and it doesn't change anything. I recived some instructions, and at the moment I'm trying to install various applications, while disabling BullGuard ...
BullGuard CustomersRegmos
4/14/2015 9:32 AM
 Problem : locked files with installers since BIS 15.0.299
[quote="Robert Mateescu"]...We haven't received any similar reports...[/quote] Sorry, but you have :sad: I have an open support ticket ([1][3CC-1CAD55AC-0394] from 31/3-2015[/1]) regarding the ...
BullGuard CustomersRegmos
4/9/2015 9:26 AM
 Internet Security 13.0 Doesn't Minimize Until After Startup
Confirmed on both my computers ([i]Vista x 32 and 7 x32[/i]). It has ben that way since day one.
BullGuard CustomersRegmos
1/21/2013 5:46 PM
 Firefox 5 disables Bullguard Safe Browsing
Try this FF Add-on: [url]https://addons.mozilla.org/da/firefox/addon/add-on-compatibility-reporter/[/url] After installing, you will be able to decide for yourself, whether Safe Browsing should ...
BullGuard CustomersRegmos
10/1/2011 5:26 PM