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Profile Created :Thursday, October 29, 2009
Last Seen :Monday, January 04, 2010
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 Failed to initialise internet connection
That must be why I got a message saying that network configuration changes were detected etc. After 10 days still no word from support. Have given up and uninstalled BG and now have NOrton 2010 which ...
BullGuard Customersiarhill
12/28/2009 6:58 PM
 Windows 7 HomeGroup and streaming to Xbox 360/PS3
Have given Bullguard the boot. After a new mysterious message earlier this month saying that network settings had changed I contacted support. Live Chat ( Mihaela ) remoted in and put ticks in all LAN ...
BullGuard Customersiarhill
12/26/2009 7:02 PM
 Network config changes
Have given Bullguard the boot. Support did not contact me again after I sent log files on 15 Dec and I had no access to my networked computers. Uninstalled Bullguard, installed Norton 2010, and bingo. ...
Computer Securityiarhill
12/26/2009 6:59 PM
 Network config changes
I see that no one has responded to this. I am on the verge of giving Bullguard the boot and heading for Nod32. Tonight I got the usual message and also no internet connectivity. Luckily win 7 troubles ...
Computer Securityiarhill
12/20/2009 11:51 PM

Network config changes
For about 48 hours I was getting "network configuration changes were detected and automatically handled" etc. I did a live chat with Mihaela who had a look and said all I had to do was tick all the se ...

Computer Security

12/18/2009 11:26 PM