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Profile Created :Friday, September 17, 2010
Last Seen :Tuesday, November 16, 2010
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 Hello, please help, this one is probably going be a challenge
Alin Vlad, I challenge you to find any swearing in the above post? I think you will find it meets with all of your current forum rules. so please don't start getting cheeky with me I am not impr ...
BullGuard Customersoojimmyflip
11/15/2010 2:44 PM

Hello, please help, this one is probably going be a challenge
Hello, I have decided to post here as I am getting nowhere talking to customer live support. what I did was load the free version of Bullguard onto five computers when I finished buildin ...

BullGuard Customers

11/14/2010 3:23 PM
 New User help please
unclerickerty, I had this problem and connected with the live help service and it was sorted out for me very quickly, for a first experience of the live online help thingy it was pretty impressive.
BullGuard Customersoojimmyflip
9/20/2010 5:43 PM
 Is it worth upgrading BullGuard 8.7 to Bullguard 9.0
we are runniong windows xp pro service pk 3 on six computers now all have bullgard version 9 on them no slow downs screens freezing etc all seems pretty good and BG 9 seems to let you tweak if you wan ...
BullGuard Customersoojimmyflip
9/20/2010 5:36 PM
 Firewall - bullguard says on windows says off
may I ask are you all on wired or wireless connections? I was having a lot of trouble getting connected to the web through my netgear wirless router, the connection was nice and steady with my old in ...
BullGuard Customersoojimmyflip
9/20/2010 5:14 PM