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Profile Created :Sunday, April 21, 2013
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 Registry defragmentation
Thanks again for the help, Nedim. It looks as though the culprit has been a remote player called PURE Flow Server that came bundled with a PURE wifi radio I've got. I use the Sony Homestream fo ...
BullGuard CustomerswhiteskyBlues
4/28/2013 2:05 PM
 Registry defragmentation
Thanks for the help - sorry I'm taking so long to reply, we have company and I'm moonlighting here. Heck, I can't remember, what's a PM?
BullGuard CustomerswhiteskyBlues
4/21/2013 7:38 PM
 Registry defragmentation
It's a non-branded PC built by a nearby computer shop. Here's an edit of the DxDiag report: System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 4/21/2013, 16:39:01 Machine name: ( ...
BullGuard CustomerswhiteskyBlues
4/21/2013 6:51 PM
 Registry defragmentation
Thanks for the reply. Yep, 14 mins. Windows appears fairly quickly, but it then takes an age to make anything available (there are a few programs that I like to load at startup). Do you reckon it' ...
BullGuard CustomerswhiteskyBlues
4/21/2013 3:33 PM

Registry defragmentation
My main question is: how long should I expect the Bullguard "registry defragmentation" process to take? I started running it about 150 mins ago, and it still says "defragmenting...". I've had my ...

BullGuard Customers

4/21/2013 2:02 PM