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Profile Created :Sunday, May 12, 2013
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BullGuard2014 Quarantine BUG
When BullGuard found malware files contained in the folder under the Chinese name of its isolation, quarantine will not be displayed on the inside has been quarantined malware, when the folder name wi ...

BullGuard Customers

9/2/2014 8:40 PM

The NovaShield behavior analysis techniques
I want to know the the BullGuard NovaShield behavior analysis technology, on a 64-bit operating system and 32-bit operating system gap.Is not on the 32-bit system the NovaShield behavior analysis tech ...

BullGuard Customers

5/17/2013 6:49 AM
 Bullguard affecting audio and internet
I also use the win7 64 operating system, I also have this page, will cause the music playing a humming sound and sound retention phenomenon。This problem is caused by the bullguard firewall, firewall w ...
BullGuard Customersztlol1314
5/14/2013 8:16 PM
 The BullGuard isolation District defects
Thank you very much, this problem has been known to you, hope you solve this problem. BullGuard was the first one I bought security products, because I like your products very much, I wish your produ ...
BullGuard Customersztlol1314
5/14/2013 7:34 PM
 The BullGuard isolation District defects
I found one of your software defects, the isolation zone for harmful files all Chinese name or path of the Chinese will not show up, please see the screenshot
BullGuard Customers
5/14/2013 9:55 AM