BullGuard Mobile Security

Application Overview

About BullGuard Mobile Security.



BullGuard Mobile Security can be activated as soon as the install process completes successfully and you will be prompted to register your copy. If you decide to go back and activate later you can find BullGuard in the phone’s Downloads folder. At the main phone screen, press the Menu button and open the Downloads folder.

BullGuard can also be accessed from the Switch application menu. Keep the Menu button pressed for a few seconds until the Switch application slide bar appears. Scroll the bar until you find the BullGuard icon, then select it and open it.

Once you have registered the application, you will have access to all plug-ins straight from the main screen. The interface is straightforward and simple to use, and provides instant access to Antivirus, Basic Backup and Parental Control modules.

Antivirus: opens the module from where you can scan your phone, setup scheduled scan tasks or update the virus definitions.

Parental Control
: provides a summary of the module’s settings. To change or edit the options, you will need to login to your web-based Dashboard (online account management platform) where you can set up Parental Control and Antitheft options.

Basic Backup
: provides fast access to the backup and restore features.
Tapping the phone’s Menu button provides you with additional options and details regarding the Mobile Security suite.

Antivirus, Parental Control, Basic Backup
: the first item on the Menu list allows you to access the selected Module on the BullGuard main screen.

Update Now
: will update the install BullGuard application.

Update log
: displays a list with all successful updates.

Support Info
: displays information about both the phone and user account. It shows the device’s phone number, IMEI code. It also displays the currently logged in user and the licence key associated with that account.

: displays the installed application version.

: closes the Menu list.

Settings menu

Allows access to various generic functions and settings for the entire BullGuard application.

Auto-Update Frequency: sets the default time interval for scheduled application updates. This can range from hourly to daily, weekly or monthly updates. You can also choose to manually update BullGuard by choosing the Never option if you are roaming or if you don’t have constant access to a wireless network.

: allows you to set the default connection BullGuard will use for all activities or tasks requiring an Internet connection.

Licence Key
: displays the licence key currently in use and allows you to enter a new licence key to update your account.

: displays the server currently use by BullGuard for updates and backup tasks.

: shows the phone number associated with the BullGuard account.

: shows the e-mail address associated with the BullGuard account.

: this field is used to input a new password if it has been recently changed.