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BullGuard Mobile Security

Smart security for your Android

Complete protection with antitheft controls

Fast and immediate antivirus scanning

Block unwanted calls and SMS spam can customise

Parental controls to keep your kids safe

BullGuard Mobile Security app for Android gives you peace of mind

"The app which gives you total protection for your mobile device and personal data"

  • Rigorous antitheft – lock, locate and wipe device remotely if lost or stolen
  • Robust antivirus – complete protection against malware
  • Automatic virus scans so you’re always up-to-date and your apps are protected
  • Backup and restore your important data with just one click
  • Powerful but discrete parental controls to keep your kids safe
  • Block unwanted calls and SMS messages
  • SIM protection for data wipe or lockdown if someone tries to change the SIM
  • Doesn't drain your battery
  • Elegantly simple design so it’s easy to use

Antivirus. Stop that malware

Android-based devices are rapidly becoming the target for a surging tide of malware and spyware. A cloud-based antivirus engine means that infections are halted, including unwanted apps such as adware. It also scans new apps for malicious code that may be ‘hiding’ in the app. Because it’s cloud-based you’ll always have the latest available protection, and scans won’t drain your battery. read more

  • Cloud-based AV engine: Ultra-fast Antivirus based on cloud technology that doesn’t drain your battery.
  • Full scan: Allows you to check the entire phone for possible infections, malware or unwanted apps such as adware.
  • On-Access scan: Automatically scans apps as soon as they are installed on your device notifying you immediately of any malicious or suspicious apps.
  • Always up-to-date: Comprehensive virus detection thanks to cloud technology which delivers up-to-the-minute protection. The ‘signatures’ from new malware are automatically added to the cloud. We use this technology to ensure virus updates are automatic and up-to-date. This update speed ensures your device is always protected from new viruses.
  • Remote monitoring: See what viruses have been attempting to infiltrate your device by using BullGuard Mobile Security Manager from your PC
  • Malware classification based on threat level: Receive alerts about the type of threats that are targeting your mobile device:
    • Infected refers to malicious packages such as Trojans, viruses, SMS bombers, data harvesters or botnets
    • Adware refers to apps designed to display ads with no other benefit to the user
    • Aggressive adware means apps containing several advertising engines that can spam users with pop-ups or even trick the user into downloading other apps
    • Trackware refers to apps that gather information about the device and uploads it to a third party

Antitheft. Tracks, locates and wipes your phone.

Losing or having a mobile device stolen can feel disastrous – data, photos, personal phone numbers and more, exposed. A full suite of antitheft tools means that you need never worry again. You can remotely lock your device, locate it or wipe all data. There’s also a ‘scream’ function to locate your device, even if the volume is muted. SIM protection means that if anyone tries to replace the SIM card, the phone is either locked down or the data is wiped – it’s your choice. read more

  • Lock and unlock: If your device is stolen, you can lock it remotely from any web browser using the BullGuard Mobile Security Manager dashboard, so that the device cannot be used and your data cannot be accessed by unauthorized users.
  • Locate: You can map the location of your phone from any device with an internet browser. If you have lost your phone you can see where it is, or if it is stolen you can report its location to the police.
  • Wipe: Remotely delete all data on your phone if it is lost to prevent others from gaining access to your personal files or information
  • SIM-change protection: Automatically locks or wipes the device if a thief replaces the SIM card.
  • Scream: Activate an alarm to help you locate a misplaced device within hearing distance even if the phone is muted.

Backup. Always safe

Backup and restore with a simple one click backup function. Back up and store contacts, calendar and SMS securely, with an encrypted connection to our servers. You can back up from your device or via the web dashboard. And if you change your device - no problem. Simply migrate the data to your new device. read more

  • Backup and Data Restore: A simple one-click backup that efficiently protects your information.
  • Data back-up: Contacts, calendar and SMS messages.
  • Safe storage: Storage for your contacts, calendar items and appointments. All backup files are sent through a secured connection to our servers.
  • Backup and Restore from anywhere: Enables you to back up and restore your data from any computer. Simply access the web Dashboard via a browser. This means if you lose your device you can still gain access to the data and restore it to another device if you require.

Call Manager. No entry

A Call Manager function lets you block unwanted calls and keeps your SMS message inbox free from irritating spam. Create customizable lists and stop spam ad messages in their tracks with a block on short code numbers that spammers typically use. Also create ‘whitelist’ to allow useful short code numbers through. You can also review the blocked calls or messages from the Mobile Security Manager. read more

  • Blocked items tab: Allows you to view what items you have blocked on your device.
  • Blacklist tab: Allows you to choose how to block a specific number (either calls, SMS messages or both).
  • Customizable: Create a list where you can add phone numbers manually, from your Contacts list or from the phone’s Call History
  • Short code block: A useful feature blocking all incoming communication from phone numbers with 5 or less digits. This means no more spam advertisement messages clogging your message inbox.
  • Whitelist tab: Some short code numbers – 5 digits or less – are useful, for example, they are often used by mobile providers. You can create a whitelist so useful numbers are allowed. This complements the blacklist service, allowing you to decide which short code number calls you want to accept.
  • Remote Management: Review received calls or messages online directly from the Mobile Security Manager

Parental Control. Fear not

A Parental Control module allows parents to monitor the safety of their children. Parents can discreetly monitor the child’s use of the mobile device and also know where their child is at any time. It also includes picture and application monitoring to ensure there are no 'nasties' on your child’s device. read more

  • Message monitoring: Monitor SMS your child has sent and received.
  • Call monitoring: Monitor calls to or from the device.
  • Picture monitoring: Monitor pictures your child has stored on the phone.
  • Application monitoring: See a list of applications that are stored on the phone.
  • Locate or GPS tracking: Track where your child’s device is.
  • Remote Management: Monitor your child’s calls, text messages, installed apps or photos taken with the mobile device from the Mobile Security Manager.

Mobile Security Manager. In control - remotely

BullGuard Mobile Security Manager, gives you complete control over your device should it be stolen or lost. All of the mobile security functions can be operated from your web dashboard, on any computer with a browser, whether it’s remote protection, back up or managing your settings. You’re in control. read more

  • Mobile Security Manager: Web-based platform so you can remotely manage and monitor your device from another computer, whether it’s a laptop, tablet or desktop PC as long as the browser is compatible. laptop, desktop PC or other computer.
  • Remotely execute actions on the device: Put in place your antitheft commands and run scans to ensure your device is free of malware.
  • Application Manager: Have full control over application settings and behaviour and prevent app settings from being changed.
  • Parental Control Monitoring: Parents can discreetly view calls/messages to and from a child’s device and also view apps that are installed on the device.
  • Remote Tracking: Enable a GPS tracking feature which allows an app to report on the device’s location.