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Complete internetbeveiliging

Eenvoudige oplossingen voor uw pc en mobiele apparaten.

Kies voor de beste bescherming tegen malware die voldoet aan uw beveiligingseisen.




What are the risks online and do you really need to know?

If you're like most people, you resign when it comes to staying informed and alert about online threats.

What matters to you is that you are protected against any and all online threats. The details of how are not so important.

And that's fine. With a good internet security software product you can let someone else - someone like BullGuard, say - worry about that.


All the same, you might be curious to know a bit more about what online crime entails, and perhaps learn what all the words you keep hearing actually mean – words like 'spam', 'spim', 'spomments', 'virus', 'phishing' and 'keylogging'.

Here, we have collected a bunch of articles explaining what it's all about.

So next time you're at a dinner party, you won't have to resort to nodding knowingly – you can actually make insightful comments about the nature of the beast!





Malware - definition, history and classification

How a virus works

What is a firewall?

What is a worm?

What is a rootkit?

What is a keylogger?

What is ransomware?

What is spam?

What is a Trojan horse?

What is phishing?

Spyware – the hidden threat to your online privacy

Bots and botnets – the most dangerous threat on the internet?

Meet Ramnit, the recycled worm

Rogue malware infections - what you need to know

Malware networks

Malware can be rapidly customized. How does that affect you?


Attacks, schemes and scams:

Online shopping - How do criminals abuse the shopping experience?

What are pump & dump schemes?

What are 419 scams?

Rise of the blended attacks

What is a targeted attack?

What are zero-day attacks?

What are IM attacks?

What is social engineering?

What is identity theft?

Why is identity theft a threat?

What is a drive-by download?

What is pharming?

What are DoS and DDoS attacks?

What is cyberstalking?

A rising security threat: Malvertising

Tracking Cookies - Trade-off between Convenience and Online Privacy

How can cybercrooks poison your internet security?

The hijacker in your browser

When phishers spear through your internet security

Man in the browser attacks your online transaction. BullGuard defends it.

How can online banking turn into a threat to your internet security?

E-cash fraud via social media. The Carberp case

The Online Black Market – How It Works (Part I)

The Online Black Market – How It Works (Part II)

Double attacks on online banking sessions

Shortened links – the short way to compromise your internet security

Cybercrooks – Know their specialities

New ways of getting spammed. How to defend yourself

Typosquatting – a typing mistake can cost you your internet security

5 common ways for phishers to hook you

Mousetrapping and mousetrap malware

How dangerous can chain letters be?

Malware removal and prevention:

Passwords - how they can be copied and how to keep yours safe

Keeping your computer up-to-date

How do I remove malware?

How do I remove Worms?

How do I remove Trojan horses?

How do I remove Blaster Worms?

How do I remove Sasser Worms?

How do I remove Win32 Worm?

How do I remove Zeus Trojan Horse?

How do I remove Conficker Worm?

How do I remove adware?

How do I remove keyloggers?

Secure your wireless network

How to keep your kids from being cyber-bullied

How to create safe online accounts

Virus infections – how to spot, solve and prevent them

How to browse the internet safely

How to use PDF files safely

How to keep your family safe online – 15 essential rules

How to use third-party payment services safely?

How to avoid online auction scams


Mobile Security: 

The mobile security threat

Mobile Security - The deal with apps for Android phones

Near Field Communication - pay by waving your phone

Small to Medium Business slow to adopt mobile phone security

Eight ways to keep your smartphone safe

Smartphones growing concern for corporate environments

The Dangers of Selling or Recycling your Mobile Phone

How mobile security software protects you against the latest threats

Mobile users slow to recognize the threat posed to smartphones

Airport check-in and ATM cash withdrawal – all via your mobile phone

How to protect you and your mobile against loss or theft

Users take full advantage of smartphones but forget about security

Android applications - permissions for your phone

UK Police target mobile phone theft

NFC gathers momentum, alternative phone payment methods cited

Security benefits of mobile payment methods

Public Wi-Fi networks pose new security risk for consumers

BullGuard responds to 99% Android security hole with advice to consumers

Mobile Security & Malware - Need to know

Malicious QR codes - The new tool for scammers to breach your mobile security

Android malicious apps - Growing threats to your mobile security and privacy

A Mobile Security Manifesto

Rogue apps shake up your mobile security

Smishing, vishing – time for mobile phishing

Mobile botnets taking over smartphones

How to surf the web safely from your smartphone

How to bank safely from your smartphone

Teach your kids mobile security

The risks of rooting your Android phone

Mobile drive-by downloads: dangers and safety measures


Social Media Dangers

Socializing with malware on Facebook and Twitter

How to steer clear of malicious socializing?

Privacy violations – the dark side of social media

The risks of getting too social

2011: ‘The Social Network’ versus Internet Security

Under 13 on Facebook – the modern parent’s nightmare?

Facebook survey scams - constant threats to your internet security

Fake CAPTCHA codes in Facebook Scams

Pinterest scams – How cybercrooks exploit your interests

The ABC of Social Media Security


A bit of background:

Freeware versus Paid Security

Safe Internet Access


What are security holes?

Security risks in Web 2.0

Malware and spam in blogs

How spammers make their money

Security threats in 2008

I had an account on PSN – now what do I do?!






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