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BullGuard Security Centre

Here we explain technical terms and how different security solutions protect your computer, phone or mobile devices.

Internet Security

If you’re like most people, you surf, shop, bank or socialize online every day.

Using the internet for such important activities, you might be curious to know a bit more about what online threats they may pose. And perhaps learn what all the words you keep hearing actually mean – words like ‘spam’, ‘likejacking’ and ‘phishing’. Here, we have collected a bunch of articles explaining these and more. So next time you're at a dinner party, you won't have to resort to nodding knowingly – you can actually make insightful comments about the nature of the beast!

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What’s risky behaviour on social media?

Imagine this: while surfing the web, you run into a last-minute city-break deal. The offer is so good that you just can’t resist it. So you book it on the spot. You’re so excited that you immediately write a post on your Timeline: “Found an amazing city-break deal.... Read more

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Cyberwarfare and hacktivism vs internet security

Malware complexity has reached an all-time high and malware attacks can now be easily targeted at specific countries, companies or individuals. They can be used as weapons in cyber-warfare... Read more

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Typosquatting – a typing mistake can cost you your internet security

How many times have you typed a wrong internet address into your web browser? It must have happened to you at least once.... Read more

PC Security

Mobile Security




Mousetrapping and mousetrap malware

Have you ever felt like a mouse in a trap? Caught in a situation with no way out? The experience can be rather frustrating in real life, but online, it can turn really daunting... Read more




Mobile Money versus mobile security

One of the reasons phones have become so "smart" is that we live in a fast-paced world where time is such a valuable asset. Are you always on the go? Good thing now you... Read more