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Restoring your backed-up data

Step 1



In order to start the Restore process, tap on the Restore button from the BullGuard Mobile Backup main screen.






BullGuard will then load the information on your existing Backups (local and online). Please, wait until the loading process has finished.

Step 2



Once the information has been collected, you will be presented with all available Backups from your account.




Step 3



Select the type of Backup from which you wish to restore the data. Then, in the following screen, simply tick all desired options.




Step 4



Tap on Restore in order to start the restore process.







Hide: will take you back to the BullGuard Mobile Backup main window. In order to view the progress of the current Restore, simply tap on the Restore icon again.


Pause: this will pause the current Restore. You can resume it at any time by tapping on the Resume button.


Cancel: will cancel the current Restore process.


At the end of the Restore process a pop-up message will notify you that the operation finished successfully. Tap on OK to return to the main BullGuard screen.