Getting started with BullGuard Premium Protection

To start monitoring your personal and financial details online and your children on social media, you need to set up your Identity and Social Media Protection services.

Let’s get started

Your 30 days trial has been activated. Once the Premium Protection trial runs out, you will go back to your paid Internet Security subscription.

Set up Identity Protection

Identity Protection allows you to register your personal information such as your credit cards, bank accounts and more, and monitor it online. For added security, you need to create a passcode that you will use whenever you want to access your Identity Protection service.

Click here to create your passcode and to add the personal details you want to protect.

Set up Social Media Protection

Social Media Protection allows you to register your children’s social media accounts and monitor their activities, to ensure that they don’t fall victim to any social media dangers. Click here to start monitoring your children’s social media activities.

Need help? Check out the BullGuard Premium Protection product guide.


To be able to access Identity Protection and Social Media Protection from the BullGuard application on your computer, you need to make sure the Premium button is activated.

Here’s how:

  • If you have BullGuard Internet Security 2013 installed on your computer, please open it and check the product version.
  • If your product version is above 13.0.258, you’re all set. If not already active, the Premium button will be activated at the next computer startup. Enjoy your Premium Protection!
  • If your product version is below 13.0.258, you need to update it to the latest version. Just click on Last update link in the lower left corner of the application. See picture.
  • If you use other BullGuard products, you need to download BullGuard Premium Protection. Download here.

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