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Mobile Backup

Protect your personal data with BullGuard’s mobile backup app

Keep your contact list, pictures, and all other important data safe in the cloud with the all-new mobile phone backup from BullGuard. Access them anytime online and easily transfer them to a new phone.


BullGuard Mobile Backup

Why do you need Mobile Backup?
If you lose your phone, don’t lose everything on it too!
Do you rely on your smartphone for every-day activities? Has it become a real hub for a wide range of personal data, photos, files, music and other digital items?

Clearly, these devices are convenient and handy, but they’re also vulnerable to loss, theft and damage – and along with them, all the digital items that make up their content.

The solution to these threats? Mobile Backup! It’s not just another security service, but a real need for anyone using a smartphone. And we’re keen to fulfill it.

Why choose BullGuard Mobile Backup?

Whether your smartphone runs on Android, BlackBerry or iPhone you can fully enjoy:

  • Up to 15 GB of online backup, for a wide range of items, from contacts to selected files
  • State-of-the-art migration capabilities for an easy and quick transfer of items between phones
  • Online access to your backed-up items, from any device, anytime, anywhere
  • 24/7 free Support in English

Online Backup. If it's not backed up, you're not safe.

How would you feel if you lost your phone 1 minute from now? And all vital items on it at the same time? With 2GB+ of Online Backup you can avoid all the drama and hassle. Securely store all the important data and settings on your phone: contacts, photos, text messages, your calendar and music on BullGuard’s Online Backup Drive, and access them at any time, from any device connected to the Internet.

Encrypted transfer. Keep your private data truly private.

When it's in storage, your backed-up data is protected from intruders gaining access to it. But what about the journey your mobile items make to reach the secure online drive? With BullGuard Mobile Backup your data is protected by encryption when transferred between your phone and our backup servers. This way, BullGuard keeps your data safe and ensures your privacy.

Mobile Migration. Data transfer to new phone: seamless, effortless.

Got a new phone? Guess what: thanks to BullGuard Migration you're only 2 clicks away from moving all your contacts, appointments, tasks, photos, music files and every other vital item to your new device – even if the new device runs on a different operating system than the old one. All you need to do is download BullGuard Backup to the new device and restore all the content from your BullGuard online account.

Web Access. Access your backup anytime, anywhere.

What if you misplace your phone and then really need to check your calendar?

With Web Access, you get instant access to your calendar – and all other data and files you’ve backed up, for that matter – through the sleek, simple web interface.

You can safely check, review and edit your uploaded information anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Incremental Backup. Constant protection of your data.

Just took a new precious photo with your smartphone? You can back it up immediately, without having to back up the entire phone. Thanks to BullGuard Incremental Backup you can back up only items that have been added since the last backup. This way, you get efficient rapid-fire protection of your valuable data.

Set and Forget. Automatic backups and peace of mind.

Do you often forget to back up new items from your phone? Now you can clear your mind of that task and leave it to BullGuard Mobile Backup! With its “Set and Forget” feature, you can schedule backups to run automatically as often as you like.

Simply create individual backup profiles for the information you want to keep safe and choose when to back it up. Then, you can forget all about the backups, until you actually need them.

Support. World-class friendly assistance.

Have a security question? Need some help? Don’t hesitate to contact our skilled Support team. They provide you with FREE assistance, via Live Chat or e-mail, 24/7 in English, and within office hours in other languages.

BullGuard Mobile Backup Reviews

Expert Reviews

Computer Buyer
'Fast, powerful and easy to use for everyone. Well deserving of its Best Buy status.’


Computer Active
‘A well-designed security application with the added bonus of online backup.’


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