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BullGuard Mobile Security for Windows Mobile

Smart phones need smart security. BullGuard Mobile provides complete protection against viruses, spyware and digital fraud for your Windows Mobile Phone. Keep your contacts and calendar safe if your Windows Mobile device is damaged or lost.

BullGuard Windows Mobile Security

BullGuard Mobile Security for Windows Mobile product overview

We've developed a comprehensive Windows Mobile security protection suite, with state-of-the-art features to keep you safe online:

Windows Mobile Antivirus and Antispyware
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Windows Mobile Antivirus and Antispyware:

Protects your Windows Mobile phone data by real time detection and removal of viruses and spyware delivered via direct download, SMS, MMS, e-mail, Bluetooth, Infrared.

Windows Mobile Parental Control
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Parental Control:

Provides a complete web interface for monitoring your child's Windows Mobile phone including text messages and photos. Helps you prevent kids from using the device in ways you do not approve of.

Windows Mobile Firewall
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You no longer need to worry about the confidential data on your Windows Mobile phone being sent out without your permission – passwords, bank details and other personal information are kept safe from prying eyes.

The Firewall engine examines electronic data coming in and out of your Windows Mobile device. It protects your phone from hackers and network attacks, keeping it in a safe environment.

Windows Mobile Spamfilter
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Keeps your Windows Mobile device clean by allowing you to block unwanted calls and text. Choose which contacts to receive calls and messages from and which to block, protect your child's phone against abusive phone calls or scam messages.

Basic Windows Mobile Backup
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Basic Windows Mobile Backup:

Save your contacts and calendar to your online account and restore them in case the Windows Mobile device is damaged or lost.

Restoring previously backed up data is centred on securing your critical information preventing unauthorized access to it, by using security tokens.

Windows Mobile Antitheft
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Locks your Windows Mobile device to prevent unauthorized access to your contacts and data, tracks down your phone with the use of it's integrated GPS tracking function and allows you to check on your current and previous locations.

Finally, the Wipe function allows you to destroy all data on your Windows Mobile phone and storage card in case the device is stolen.

Windows Mobile Support
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BullGuard Windows Mobile Security

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