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Online Backup

Ever lost important files?
Then you know how useful online data backup is.

With BullGuard’s backup solution you can store your most precious files online and retrieve them whenever you want.

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BullGuard Online Backup

“My whole life was on there!”
If you’ve ever been through a computer breakdown, you know the feeling. And that's why BullGuard Online Backup should be an essential part of your online to-do list if you spend any time at all on your computer, on anything important.

Backup. Everything secured. Nothing lost.

How would you feel if you lost your most valued data? With BullGuard Online Backup 2013 you can store your irreplaceable documents and e-mails on our safe and secure online drive, to avoid such a dismal situation.

You can remotely access your Backup profile to retrieve your files, download them to another computer or phone, or make them update whenever you want.

Support. At your convenience.

Need some help? Just contact our skilled and friendly support team for a live chat. You can also send them an e-mail and get the help you need. For any concerns you may have, we’re here for you 24/7, free of charge! There are also user guides and FAQs at your disposal.

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And there’s more

  • Fast upload: no need to wait forever for your data to be saved
  • Drag and drop: easily drag and drop your files to the BullGuard online drive
  • Secure access: get to your backed-up files from any computer, anytime, anywhere
  • Mobile access: make the most out of your backed-up files when you’re on the go
  • Continuous backup: no need to back up your files every time you change them – BullGuard does it for you
  • Encrypted transfers: keep your data private as it gets from your PC to our backup servers
  • Encrypted storage: make sure no-one else sees your backed-up files by having them encrypted
  • Automatic backups: once a day, week or month – it’s up to you!
  • Idle backup: set BullGuard to back up your files automatically, whenever your computer is not being used
  • E-mail backup: fully integrated with Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail
  • On-Demand Backup: run your backups as and when it suits you
  • Unlimited versioning: travel back to older editions of a document that you have subsequently changed
  • Password protected settings: ensures that only you – the account owner – can change profiles and schedules
  • Share with friends: Share photos and files easily with your friends in just one click.

What would you do today if your computer broke down, got lost or stolen?

What’s special about BullGuard Online Backup?

BullGuard remote backup provides the ultimate protection and remote access, securing your data off site, in case of computer crashes, damage and theft, as files are stored outside your computer on BullGuard's secured storage facility.

BullGuard Backup allows you to save all documents such as photos, files and music either online or to removable storage devices like CDs or USB memory sticks, keeping what's important to you safe at all times!

BullGuard Online Backup Reviews

Expert Reviews

Computer Buyer
'Fast, powerful and easy to use for everyone. Well deserving of its Best Buy status.’


Computer Active
‘A well-designed security application with the added bonus of online backup.’


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