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Can you please tell me more about BullGuard Online Backup?

What are the minimum system requirements for installing and using BullGuard?

I am trying to install some drivers and it says I need to disable any real time file monitoring services I have running… Is that ok and how do I do it?

Why does Windows Security Center say that BullGuard modules are not enabled?




Why do I need to register?

How can I change the user in BullGuard?

I already paid for BullGuard. Why do I need to pay again?

I bought BullGuard, but it still shows as trial. How can I update my account with my payment?

I changed my email address. How do I change my BullGuard account details?

I have a paid account, but you only have BullGuard trial on your download page. How can I download the paid version?

I tried to activate my BullGuard, but it says license key is in use. What do I need to do?

I had to restore the PC to factory defaults. How do I get BullGuard back?

Can I use BullGuard on more than 1 computer?

How can I pay for BullGuard?

What is the difference in the price of subscriptions?

What happens when BullGuard expires?

How do I recover BullGuard?

I use a proxy server to connect to the Internet. Do I need to change anything in BullGuard?

I paid, but did not receive a licence key. Where do I find it?

I purchased an upgrade to my account but BullGuard still showing x days. How can I update my account according to my payment?

I bought BullGuard through my ISP. Where can I download BullGuard from?

I am paying for BullGuard through my ISP but cannot login on the My Account section. How can I manage my account/change password/change username?

I bought a CD, but do not have a CD drive. How can I install BullGuard and not pay again?




What are the best update settings?

How often does BullGuard update?

Why is BullGuard saying it has not been updated in X days?

Why is Windows saying that BullGuard has not been updated in X days?





How safe are my files?

What happens to my files if my BullGuard account expires?

Does BullGuard backup my files automatically once installed?

I had to change my computer and need the data I backed up from my old PC. How do I do that?

How can I access my backed up data on a computer without BullGuard?

Conflicting Backup settings.




What type of support do you provide?

How much does support cost?

What languages is support available in?

What is your response time?

Live Support is down, what do i do?



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