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How many computers can I use a BullGuard subscription on?

A BullGuard subscription can be used on up to 5 computers.


Note: After installing BullGuard on the second or third computer, you will be asked to register. However, please press the option called "I already have a BullGuard account" and just log in with your current username and password.


OK, I bought BullGuard, how do I manage my subscription?

Log on to the My Account section on our website's upper menu to manage your account.


To do this, you need the username and password that you chose when you initially registered or purchased BullGuard. If you can't remember this information, please check the confirmation e-mail you received upon subscription or contact BullGuard Support by email or chat.

If you can only remember your username, but not your password, you can get a new one here: Get a new password


I have just purchased BullGuard, but it keeps telling me it's still a trial version. What do I do?

Please see this guide: How to activate a BullGuard subscription


Note: Common problems:

1. You may have bought under a different username (email address) than your trial account.

2. You have just purchased and may need to open BullGuard on your computer, then go to Main section > Your BullGuard Account tab, then press "Change user" and relogin, so BullGuard can retrieve your latest subscription status.


What is the difference in the price of subscriptions?

The price of a subscription varies depending on how much backup space you choose, and the length of your subscription.

You can choose between 5000 MB (which are free) to 50000 MB of online backup space. See the prices here.


How can I renew my subscription?

To renew your subscription is quite easy - please go to the my account section on our website, log in with your username and password, then press the "Renew" button, under the "SUBSCRIPTION" section.


What happens when my free copy of BullGuard expires?

When the free trial expires, BullGuard will stop protecting your computer. This means that your machine is no longer protected from viruses and hackers.

The expired BullGuard will no longer detect any viruses, even if you scan your discs for them. It will not look for new antivirus updates and it will no longer protect your data or Internet connection in any way.

Before BullGuard expires you should decide whether you want to uninstall BullGuard and render your computer unprotected - or buy a subscription to BullGuard, protecting your PC 24/7 from malicious virus attacks, worms, hackers, trojans, spyware and all other internet threats.

Buy a subscription to BullGuard.

Note: When your BullGuard expires, you will only see the Main section in the application's console. This allows access to the Your BullGuard Account tab, where you can either press the "Change user" button and relogin (if you have bought online) or enter a license-key (if you have bought offline, from a store) to extend your subscription time.


What happens after I purchase BullGuard?

There are two situations you may experience:

1. If you have upgraded your existing trial account (recommended), please wait for a confirmation email from BullGuard that your payment has been received, then simply go to Main section > Your BullGuard Account tab and press "Change user", then relogin.

BullGuard also connects to the Internet at start-up, looking for virus and subscription updates - if your payment is completed, your account will be automatically upgraded.

2. If you buy a subscription from our website, but under a different email address than your trial, you will be sent an email with the license-key you need to use as shown here, in order to acitvate this account. This activation code is stated in the confirmation email we send immediately after your purchase.

Normally, this e-mail will arrive in your Inbox within seconds. If you have not received it yet, this can be attributed to three things:

a. Either your email address isn't working correctly. If you have received other mails while expecting the BullGuard confirmation mail, this is not the case.


b. The emails have been marked as Junk or Spam by your spamfilter. In this case, look for them in the Junk / Spam folder and move them back in your Inbox.

c. The email address (your BullGuard username) you have stated is not your email address or it has been misspelled.

Find all relevant information about your BullGuard purchase are available in the my account section of our website. From here you can also see an invoice of your order.

Should you need help with your purchase or encounter any problems, please contact us at payment@bullguard.com and we will do our best to help.



Which payment options do I have for purchasing BullGuard?

To purchase BullGuard, you can use a credit card (VISA, AMEX, MasterCard, JCB or Dankort - only for Danish users) on our BUY page.

You can also use our alternative payment options (Paypal, cheques, cash, bank transfer), which are also accessible from the above link.


How do I recover BullGuard?

To recover your BullGuard, please do the following:

1) Download and install BullGuard from our website. Installation guide can be found here.

2) After installation, you will be asked to enter your BullGuard username and password. If you don't remember this information, you can check it in the confirmation email we sent when you purchased BullGuard.

If you can only remember your username, but not your password, you can get a new one here: Get a new password

Note: If you are reinstalling BullGuard on a formatted computer or a new machine, press the option called "I already have a BullGuard account" in the registration screen and just log in with your existing username and password.


If you did not find the solution you were looking for, please feel free to contact our Support.


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