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Scan profiles


All On Demand scan activities are based on profiles which indicate specific scan parameters such as file types, file extensions, scan locations, default action or scan depth. To run the desired profile, select it and click on the Run profile button.




My Computer scan profile


This is a complete profile that will scan all files on all hard drives. The scan times depend on your computer’s performance, the number of storage devices, file types and how much data you have stored.

My Documents scan profile

BullGuard will only scan the Documents folders. Note that BullGuard retrieves information from the operating system about where the default Documents folder is located on your computer. Therefore, it will ignore any other location where you may have saved documents (you can scan these documents by running the Computer scan or a custom made profile).

My E-mails scan profile

BullGuard will retrieve information about the location of the e-mail client’s database location from the operating system and then scan it. Thus, it will not scan backed up e-mail databases or folders that are not using the e-mail client default path (you can scan these files by using a custom made profile or the general Computer profile).

Quick scan profile

This scan profile checks the computer locations that are usually targeted by viruses. It will check for rootkits as well as scan the registry, all the running processes and the temporary files stored on your computer.

Custom profiles

A time-saving alternative that allows you to scan specific folders or drives that you access frequently, without scanning the entire computer. Click here to learn how to create a customized scan profile.

To create a custom Scan Profile click on the New scan profile button. To remove unused profiles, select them and click on the Delete profile button.