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BullGuard Support

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Main screen


Once BullGuard is installed and running on your computer, you can open it and use its various features to scan your computer, backup files to a safe location, setup your Parental Control profiles or configure the Firewall to match your network security needs.


The BullGuard main screen provides quick access to both application plug-ins and the Settings where you choose how the various modules behave and function on your computer. On the main BullGuard window you will also find recommendations for actions you can perform to improve your computer’s security.






The BullGuard toolbar includes:


  • the Dashboard from where you can reach each BullGuard module.
  • the Settings button, where you can alter options for all BullGuard plug-ins.
  • the Support & Help section with direct access to BullGuard’s Support Team (via Live Chat or e-mail).

In the lower left corner of the main application screen, you can find the update status, which also acts like a button. button. While BullGuard is set by default to look for updates every 2 hours, you can also manually update the application by clicking on this link.


Under the main toolbar, you will also see the following 2 options:


  • My BullGuard, which will lead you to My account section, on our website, where you can check your subscription, see your personal details or ask for an invoice.
  • the Shop button, which will lead you directly to our buy page.


The Home page also includes the following 3 icons:


  • the STATUS button, which will inform you about your updates and allow you to manually update BullGuard.
  • the SCAN button, which will display the most recommended scans: quick scan, full scan and tune-up scan.
  • the BACKUP button, which will direct you to the Backup plugin.

SCAN section


From the Scan button, you can run Antivirus scans or check the computer.





Quick scan: pressing this button will start a full system Antivirus scan for malware on your computer.


Full Scan: by clicking this button, you start a complex scan that will use the Antivirus to check your computer for malware.



This section lists all BullGuard Antivirus modules. They are split into categories to make it easier for you to identify their purpose and use.






PC Protection


This section houses the security-related modules such as the Antivirus and Spamfilter, that keep your computer safe from malware and other security threats.


Antivirus: takes you to the Antivirus plug-in where you can create custom scan profiles, scan your computer using one of the pre-defined profiles or review and manage Quarantined files.


Spamfilter: allows quick access to the Spamfilter module where you can manage both your whitelist and blacklist or start configuring the Spamfilter to suit your email client.



The Settings section provides quick access to all the options and features available for the BullGuard Antivirus modules.


This is where you can:


  • enable or disable features
  • turn each BullGuard module on or off
  • change the behaviour for each BullGuard module






General section: provides you with access to settings governing the entire application and allows you to manage your account or change update parameters.


Antivirus section: provides access to the BullGuard On Access module settings. These settings allow you to customize how the BullGuard real-time monitor works and behaves and what items will be scanned.


Spamfilter section: allows you to configure the Spamfilter’s general behaviour.



This section provides instant access to our Support Team for any questions you may have regarding viruses, the BullGuard features, your subscription or anything else connected to BullGuard and our products. The BullGuard Support service is free of charge for all BullGuard users, paid or trial accounts alike.






Live chat: click on the Chat with us button to access the Live Chat feature. This allows you to speak directly with one of our Support Technicians.


Send e-mail: click on this button to send an e-mail to the Support Team. You can use this option if your question does not require an urgent reply or if you have been asked to provide our Support Team with various details, such as log files or screenshots. Note that if you have an e-mail client already set up on your computer, BullGuard will use it to create a new e-mail to send to our supporters.


Browse help topics: will open a web page in your default browser where you can read the BullGuard Internet Security guides posted on our website.


Account: will open a web page in your default browser to your online BullGuard account login page.