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ICMP Rules


Internet Control Message Protocol rules


ICMP protocol – Internet Control Message Protocol – is an extension to the internet protocol that allows for the generation of error messages, test packets and information messages related to IPs.


This type of protocol is inherent to any networked computer and it supports communication between Gateways and host computers.


The ICMP Rules can be accessed through the BullGuard main window > the Firewall’s menu button (…) > Manage Rules > ICMP tab.






The ICMPv4 column contains the options for the IPv4 protocol, while ICMPv6 for the IPv6 protocol. The ICMP rules tab is addressed to advanced users with a solid networking knowledge and it is generally recommended to avoid making random changes for the above rules.


Randomly altering any of the above settings can result in blocking your internet connection. If you have made any kind of modifications to any of the two columns and you are encountering internet connection issues, just click on the Restore default rules button to reset the rules to their original configuration.

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