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Entering your licence key


Using the licence key to change a trial account into a paid subscription


Registering the licence key is simple and fast and can be done right after creating the trial account.



To use your licence key, open BullGuard and click on the Settings link located in the lower left corner of the interface.






In the Settings window, look for the Account item under the General menu. In the Account window, simply write the key in the Licence key section and press the Submit licence key button. Note that a licence key can only be used once when activating the paid account. If you try to use the key more than once, you will receive an error message saying the licence key is already in use.






ExclamationMarkLicence keys


The licence keys are acquired either when buying a BullGuard CD, a new computer that has a BullGuard preinstalled version present or from the BullGuard online shop when purchasing a new account or renewing an existing subscription. The subscription type and length depends on what BullGuard version you bought and, for preinstalled computers, it depends on the offers the PC manufacturer has available.



ExclamationMarkHow to open the BullGuard interface


To open the interface double click the BullGuard red icon in the System Tray (in the lower right corner of the computer screen where the computer clock is located) or right click it and choose the Show BullGuard option. Or simply double-click the BullGuard icon you have on your desktop.



ExclamationMarkUsing paid account after reinstalling BullGuard


To continue using the paid account when reinstalling BullGuard, you will only need to login with the same username and password used when activating the licence key. Using a licence key only extends the expiration date so the remaining subscription time is not lost.