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Parental Control settings


The Parental Control settings allow you to choose what events will be logged by the module.






Log settings – displays information and activities being monitored by the Parental Control module


Attempt to login into the Parental Control plug-in: shows whether someone from the monitored user account tried to access the Parental Control module.


Access to restricted web categories: shows whether the monitored user tried to access websites restricted categories specified in the Parental Control profile.


Access to use of restricted chats: logs whether the monitored user tried using any of the restricted instant messaging applications specified in the Parental Control profile.


Applications that went online: shows a list of applications requiring Internet access that were started from the monitored account.


Attempt to use of restricted privacy information: displays a list with any privacy information items detected on the monitored account.


Time used: reports the amount of time the monitored account was logged or the Internet connection used for.


Report schedule and type


Send reports to my BullGuard online account: allows you to choose when the Parental Control reports are updated on your BullGuard online account page. You can also choose how much information will be contained in the uploaded reports.