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Create new profile


In this section, you will be able to create a new Parental Control profile that protects your kids from inappropriate content and dubious websites, limit the time they spend online, monitor their online behaviour and help them keep their personal details private.






In the Parental Control overview window, click Create profile. You may be prompted to enter your password before you can create a new profile.




Step 1





Select a Windows user for the Parental Control profile by ticking it. We recommend having a separate limited Windows user account for your children. If don’t have one, click on the Create aWindows user account link. To use all monitoring features, the profiles will need to be created for user accounts; Administrator accounts may not be affected by most restricting features of the Parental Control. When finished, click Next.

Step 2





Here you can choose the desired content filters and select an age group. To select a filter, simply tick the box in front of it.


You can also manage the lists of safe and unsafe websites. To add a website, click on the + button and enter the URL. To remove a website, select it and click on the – button.


When finished, click Next.

Step 3





This is where you can setup a schedule for your child’s use of the computer or the internet. To activate the schedule, tick Enable Schedule Access. Choose what the schedule is for, the entire PC or the internet, by ticking accordingly.


Time limit: You can choose to limit the time the computer and/or Internet connection can be used within the timeframe that allows access to the account or the Internet. When finished, click Next.

Step 4





Here you can specify which programs and applications you wish to block your kids from using.


To add an application, simply click on the + button.  A small window will appear, asking you to type the application name and find the corresponding executable file.  When finished, click OK.


To exclude an application, just untick it.


After you have added all the applications you want to block, click the Next button.

Step 5





This section allows you to edit the Privacy Control settings, by adding certain types of confidential data that are to be blocked when used while online.


To add a new type of confidential data, click on the + button.  You will be prompted to select the information type and enter the restricted value.


After entering all the information you want to block, click Finish.