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PC Tune Up overview

The main section for the PC Tune Up module allows you to access its main functions.


Run PC Tune Up: will start a general sweep of your computer looking for program leftovers or temporary files that can hinder its performance.

Fix found problems: displays a list with the issues found by the latest scan and allows you to make BullGuard solve them.

Startup Manager: displays a list with the programs that are set to start at the computer start-up, allowing you to disable the unnecessary applications that could be slowing down your PC.

Settings: opens the Settings section where you can choose what items the module should scan for and set a schedule for regular sweeps on your computer.

Introducing PC Tune Up

PC Tune Up is a welcome addition to the BullGuard Internet Security suite that will help you keep your computer in excellent working order. The module will scan your computer system and spot anything that is causing it to slow down, such as leftover programs, data corruption or not having enough hard disk space available. Once the results are in, BullGuard’s PC Tune Up tool will either fix the issue, or recommend what to do to optimize your computer and make it run faster.

Why the need for PC Tune Up?

BullGuard PC Tune Up is a continuous automated service check of your computer to make it faster, more reliable and more efficient. There are several things that slow it down in time:

  • Internet temporary files that are downloaded when you browse websites
  • Windows temporary files that are created by application installers or by running applications
  • Unused or broken Windows registry entries which are registry keys that are no longer tied to programs or drivers from the computer
  • Unnecessary start-up applications that add to your computer’s startup time.

The Tune Up module will help you find the items that are slowing down your PC and fix them to keep your system running at full speed.