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Run Vulnerability Scanner


Step 1


To start a scan, click on the Control Panel button and then on the Vulnerability Scanner button. This will take you to the Vulnerability Scanner module where you can start a sweep of your computer.



Vulnerability Scanner Overview



Step 2


Click on the Run Scanner button. The Vulnerability Scanner will check both Windows and all other installed applications on the computer. The scan length depends on the operating system and number of programs installed. Please allow BullGuard to finish the scan.



Vulnerability scan window



Step 3


When the sweep is done, the results window will display a detailed list with available updates and patches for the issues discovered during the scan.



Scan Results



The results window will display details about the applications detected as vulnerable or outdated. These issues range from security loopholes to faulty application resources leaving both programs and operating system open to attacks.



More information



Download update: Direct link to the update required to fix the detected issues. It will open the default Internet browser and allow you to download the needed patch.


Vulnerability: Lists the type of issues detected with the application.


Severity: Lists the security rating of the problems and ranges from High to Low. It is recommended to apply the patches for issues marked High as soon as possible.


Path: Lists the application files presenting risks to the computer.


Step 4


The Vulnerability Scanner Status window can be used to review all issues present during the last sweep made by BullGuard. It will also allow you to retrieve the needed updates or patches by clicking on the Download links.