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Run PC Tune Up

Step 1

To run a PC Tune Up scan, click on Optimize, from the Main BullGuard window (If Optimize is not the default action displayed, click on the (...) button and select it from the list).


Step 2

The scan will start and display it's progress in the box which you have selected Optimize from. During the scan, the settings you have checked to be fixed automatically will be solved.




Stop the scan: is a button that will appear instead of the (...) button and you can use it to stop the scan at any point.


Step 3


Once the scan has finished, instead of the Optimize button, you will see a "View report" button. Click on it and it will take you to the Messenging Center > Reports tab. Click on the report to expand it.







The report will display the issues that were fixed, according to your settings.


Manage: clicking on this button will take you to a new window. In this window you will see a list with issues that were not fixed automatically. You can choose to address each issue by using the recommended action from the right side of the window.






For the items that have a Manage recommended action, a new window will open from which you can choose which items/issues you wish to remove.