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Setting up when, how, what and where will be backed up.



From the BullGuard Mobile Backup select Options and then Settings.






You will now reach the Settings menu, from where you can browse to Schedule, Internet settings, Data to backup and Backup location tabs.




Schedule tab



The Schedule tab allows you to choose between performing Backups manually at your convenience or instructing BullGuard to automatically back up your data.






The default setting is to run Backup manually.


Once you tap on Scheduled backup a new selection list will appear in which you need to specify the:


- Frequency: how often should BullGuard perform the Backup

- The start date: when the first Backup should run. If you then schedule a weekly or monthly Backup these will take place on the same day of the week.

- The start time: This will be the time at which the Backup will run from now on.






Select Save in order to implement these changes. A pop-up will ask you to confirm if you wish to keep the new settings.

Internet settings tab



This tab allows you to choose how BullGuard will connect to the Internet if you back up to the Online drive.






Only use Wi-Fi: BullGuard will attempt to connect only if a Wi-Fi connection is available.


Use while roaming: BullGuard will backup/restore through 3G even when abroad.


Note: by default, BullGuard uses whatever connection is available (3G and Wi-Fi) in order to perform backup/restore operations

Data to backup tab



The Data to backup tab allows you to choose what should be backed up.


The items ticked by default are: SMS, MMS, Contacts, Calendar and Settings.






When tapping on Files a browse window will appear in which you will need to choose what files/folders should be backed up.






Select OK in order to add the ticked files/folders to the Backup list.


Back in the selection list tap on Save and the pop-up requesting your confirmation will appear. Tap on OK and the changes will be implemented.

Backup location tab



The Backup Location tab allows you to choose where you want to back up your data. The BullGuard Online Drive is selected by default.


The BullGuard Online Drive is the space dedicated to your account on our Backup servers.






Simply tap on the dropdown list and choose Local in order to change the destination of the Backup. The data will then be saved in the folder displayed under the dropdown list.






Tap on Save in order to implement the new settings and tap on OK when asked to confirm.