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Backup your basic data



The BullGuard Mobile Security suite allows you to backup your Contacts and Calendar to our secured servers, allowing you to restore it as needed.


In order to do this, first make sure you are connected to the Internet. Next, open the BullGuard Mobile Security application on your device, select Backup and tap on Backup (last Backup x days ago).





The Backup process will take a few moments depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Once it is complete, you will be returned to the main Backup window and the Contacts and Calendar Events fields will show how many contacts and calendar events you have backed up.


Please note that each backup overwrites the old one. If you perform a Backup after deleting a Contact or Calendar Event this will be removed from your copy on our Online Drive as well.


In order to restore your backed-up information you will need to access the Mobile Security Manager, click on Backup/Restore and then on Restore. Once the command reaches your device your Contacts and Calendar Events will be restored to your device.


You can find more information on Backup/Restore from the Mobile Security Manager here.