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About BullGuard Mobile Security



You can activate BullGuard Mobile Security as soon as the install process completes successfully and you register your copy. If you want to leave the activation for later, you can find BullGuard Mobile Security in the application list on your device, and start it from there. 






Once you have registered the application, you will have access to all plug-ins straight from the main screen. The interface is straightforward and simple to use, providing instant access to Antivirus, Backup, Parental Control and Antitheft modules.






Antivirus: opens the module from where you can scan your phone, remove malware and whitelist falsely-detected applications.


Backup: provides fast access to the backup feature and relevant information.


Parental Control: provides a summary of the module settings. To change or edit the options, you will need to log on the web-based BullGuard Mobile Security Manager at manager.bullguard.com, where you can set up the Parental Control options.


Antitheft: provides a summary of the module settings. In order to use the enabled Antitheft features you will need to log on to the BullGuard Mobile Security Manager at manager.bullguard.com.




Pressing the phone’s Menu button provides you with additional options and details regarding the Mobile Security suite.






About: displays which version of the Mobile Security application you currently have installed.

Settings: opens a new menu from where you can edit the Security Settings, view additional information and update BullGuard. For more information about the Settings menu, please visit this guide.