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Alert Setup tab



By using unique identifiers, such as keywords or addresses, messages that meet a defined criterion are identified and can be viewed by clicking on the Alerts message that appears beneath the Home tab in the Home window.



configure alerts



You can also choose to receive the alerts via e-mail – if this option is activated, the notification will be e-mailed to the address you registered as username.



configure alerts



To configure an alert, do the following:



1. In the Add Keyword edit field, enter a keyword you want to trigger an alert if it’s found in messages sent or received by the device. Click the Add button. The keyword now appears in the Keyword list in the field below.


2. The Keywords field also has a check box that allows you to use suggested keywords from the column on the right side of the window. These are keywords that are often used as shorthand in messages. To use suggested keywords instead of, or in addition to keywords you enter, select the Use Suggested Keywords check box. When this check box is selected, the Suggested Keywords that are enabled are used as part of the alert. You can scroll down the Suggested Keywords list and enable check boxes besides keywords you want to trigger an alert if found.

3. Sender/Recipient Address field: enter the e-mail address or phone number to check for alerts. Use this feature to flag any communication with a particular contact as an alert.

4. From the Select what to do with an event section, you can choose to:


  • Report the event as an Alert message
  • Send the event as an E-mail message


Select one or both check boxes.


5. Click the Update button to save any changes performed in the Alert Setup section.