Register your BullGuard Mobile Security account



Any Mobile Security application requires an active account. If this is the first time you install BullGuard Mobile Security, you will need to register an account before using the application. Note that the registration process requires a working Internet connection.

Step 1



To get to the registration screen, you will need to open the BullGuard application on your device and accept the BullGuard Mobile Security EULA (End User Licence Agreement) by tapping Accept. Tapping Decline will close the application.






Once you’ve agreed to the EULA, you will be asked to activate BullGuard as a device administrator. Tap on Activate to continue.


Next you will be asked to register a BullGuard account for which you need to provide the details described below. As soon as you supplied all the necessary information, tick the EULA box and tap on Register to create your account. Tap the Back button to run through the registration process later.






Phone Number: please provide your phone number (associated with your Android device) as specified above in the image. This will allow the Anti Theft feature to send commands through SMS in case there is no Internet connection.


E-mail: Since sensitive information regarding your account or renewals will be sent to this e-mail address, please make sure it is valid. Also, in order to prevent unauthorized access to any private information, make sure you are the sole user of it.


Password: please choose a password that is easy to remember and make sure you do not share it as this will enable other people to gain access to any private information you might have backed up.


Confirm password: confirm the chosen password in order to avoid any typos.




Your BullGuard Mobile copy provides access to the Antivirus, Call Manager, Parental Control, Antitheft and Backup plug-ins.

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