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Is it recommendable to use two antivirus or firewall products or more on the same system?

Using two antivirus or firewall products on the same computer may increase your security - one security product might find viruses that another cannot.


BUT if you plan to use two or more memory resident modules (like the one BullGuard provides), this practice will very likely be disruptive to your system, affecting its performance drastically.

In general, we strongly discourage the use of more than one antivirus or firewall product at any one time.


Why does BullGuard keep asking me questions about programs that want to access the Internet? 

When you've just installed BullGuard, it will ask you a lot of questions. The questions determine which programs have permission to access the internet and provide an important foundation for the BullGuard Firewall.


Important: Before answering BullGuard's question, please check the "Remember this answer" option so that you are not asked about the same program again.


Does BullGuard work on servers?

BullGuard Internet Security is designed to protect individual machines, and not computers in a network - thus if you install BullGuard on a server, it will only protect the server itself. However BullGuard can scan remote network locations on demand, or using scheduled scanning profiles.

BullGuard Internet Security is ideal for home or small business use, as a single subscription can be used on up to 5 computers.

Who is scanning my ports and what is MAC address spoofing?

Your ports are being scanned by an attacker who sends requests on different ports and takes note of which of them respond in a certain way. This is how an attacker knows what attacks will work on which of your systems.

The MAC address is a unique code assigned to your network adapter or other networking hardware. Spoofing is an attempt to gain access to a system by posing as an authorized user - in this case, as your computer, which features one ore more MAC addresses (depending on how many network cards you have).

BullGuard's Firewall protects you from such intrusions, as well as many other types of attacks, by detecting them an providing the option to ban the attacker permanently.

To learn more about how your Firewall works, please contact BullGuard Support by email or live support.

How can I update BullGuard?

BullGuard updates automatically upon start-up, using the BullGuard LiveUpdate service.


Updates include virus signatures as well as improvements or bug-fixes. This flexibility provides new features to the product without the need to reinstall. Just make sure you're online and you'll be completely updated - BullGuard is set by default to update itself automatically.


Learn how to update BullGuard manually: Guide to updating BullGuard

How frequently does BullGuard update?

By default, BullGuard checks for updates every 2 hours and usually updates several times a day. These updates may include new virus signatures, improvements, bug-fixes or new features for the existing modules.


It is highly recommended that you keep automatic updates enabled. You will be warned if updates are old.

How can I improve the speed on my computer?

BullGuard's On Access protection settings are, by default, set to a level which ensures a good balance between security and computer performance.


However if you feel that BullGuard is slowing down your computer, there are settings that you can tweak to improve the speed.


1. Open your BullGuard by double-clicking its icon in the System Tray (next to the clock).
2. Go to Antivirus section > Antivirus settings tab, and change BullGuard's on-access protection settings.


However we strongly recommend that you only make file or path exclusions if you really know what you're doing. Please note that most of these changes will result in a lower level of security than the default one. This is a normal trade-off between speed and security, which will always exist.


If you are not sure what settings to change and how, please contact Support.


I want to log in with a different user account, but it logs in automatically! What do I do?

Please see this guide: How to change the user


How do I change my BullGuard username or password?

If you wish to change your BullGuard username or password, this can be done by accessing your BullGuard account in the My account section on our website. If you have forgotten your password, click here to get a new one.

How do I uninstall BullGuard?

Should you wish to uninstall BullGuard, please follow this guide: Uninstall BullGuard

Will my BullGuard work if I use a proxy?

Yes. Upon registration, you will see an option called "I use a proxy connection" - just check it and enter the relevant info. BullGuard will then be able to connect to the Internet properly.


Note: if your connection settings change, meaning you start using a proxy after installing BullGuard, you need to indicate this to the program, otherwise it will not be able to log your user in or retrieve updates. To do this, please do the following:


1. Go to Main > Account window.
2. Press Change user and type in your login info.

3. Check the "I use a proxy connection" option.

4. Enter your proxy details and click OK.

5. Re-log into BullGuard.

What is the difference between the trial version and the paid one?

BullGuard does not have a "trial" and a "paid" version. The full-featured product can be downloaded and used for trial purposes, while the only difference is subscription time: 60 days for a trial account, 1 or 2 years for a paid subscription.


Where can I find the End-User License Agreement ?

The End-User License Agreement for BullGuard Gamers' Edition can be downloaded here.



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