• The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth (for one day at least)

    May 25 is Geek Pride Day, a 24 hour period in which you can unashamedly let your inner geek shine. You can button hole someone at a bus stop and regale them about the virtues of parallel processing and how it’s going to change the world, you can hold forth with a stranger about how this world doesn’t really exist, except in your mind, because it’s the only conclusion that can be drawn from quantum physics or perhaps more sensibly, and less risky, you can join hands with other geeks and embrace some form of dorky communal rejoicing.
  • Malware ALERT: EternalRocks - what you need to know

    In the wake of the global WannaCry ransomware infection, a new and similar malware has surfaced dubbed EternalRocks. Here’s what you need to know.
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  • The Trouble with WannaCry ransomware

    The emergence of the WannaCry ransomware late last week sent seismic shock waves across the world. It wasn’t just because it was ransomware it was the fact that it spread so rapidly across Europe, China and Russia. Within a short time banks in Russia, the National Health Service in the UK and universities in Hong Kong had been brought to their knees.