• How to guard against cyber stalkers

    It’s easy to dismiss cyber stalkers as online pests but their actions can easily traumatise victims. A stalker can mark every online move of their target or ahead of hooking up with someone learn about their every like and dislike. Even someone trying to end a relationship, or someone who has been dumped, can focus on their partner’s every online action in an attempt to control.
  • All you need to know to stay safe online

    We all know how to stay safe online, don’t we? Get some good security software, like BullGuard, and off you go. Of course, this is a critically important step; after all you’re not going to leave the house/flat/squat/palace and leave the door wide open are you? And you wouldn’t go online without protection because of the millions of malware variants that teem in the unseen spaces of the cyber universe.