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How safe are my files?


BullGuard uses a 128-bit SSL encrypted connection in order to upload your files to your Online Drive. Once uploaded, the files can only be accessed by using your BullGuard username and password. As long as you do not share this information with others, your data is safe.


What happens to my files if my BullGuard account expires?


For paid and trial accounts, the files are kept on your Online Drive for another 30 days after expiry. If you had more than one BullGuard product purchased on the same account however, (for example BullGuard Internet Security and BullGuard Backup) then the corresponding files will be kept another 3 months after one of the subscriptions has expired.


Does BullGuard backup my files automatically once installed?


Once installed, BullGuard 10.0 will prompt you if you wish to have a Backup profile automatically created. If you choose Yes, the profile will be created and it will run automatically when your PC is idle.

If you choose not to have the profile created, BullGuard will not perform any Backups automatically unless you schedule a profile to run. You can do that from the Backup section > Backup Profiles section in BullGuard, by right clicking on the desired profile and choosing Schedule.


I had to change my computer and need the data I backed up from my old PC. How do I do that?


If you have BullGuard installed on the new computer, then all you need to do is start the Restore function from the Backup section in BullGuard by clicking on Retrieve your data. Then follow the prompts from the Wizard.

If BullGuard is not installed on that computer, access the My Account section and log in. Then click on Access Backup and retrieve the files you need.


How can I access my backed up data on a computer without BullGuard?


If BullGuard is not installed, access the My Account section and log in. Then click on Access Backup and retrieve the files you need.


Conflicting Backup settings.


The following options should not be used together when creating a Backup profile since they may cause errors when trying to upload or retrieve the data:

  • Encryption + Versioning
  • Compression + Versioning
  • Synchronize + Compress + Encryption - when performing backups locally on your Desktop or in the root of your drives



If you did not find the solution you were looking for, please feel free to contact our Support.


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