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Can you please tell me more about BullGuard Online Backup?


The Online Backup is the ultimate in document security solutions, designed to safeguard key documents and files.

Documents are stored on BullGuard’s backup servers, placed in hardened, temperature and humidity controlled bunkers 25 meters above sea-level in an earthquake-free zone.

These first line servers are backed up on identical second line servers placed in a separate geographical location with 300 Km (186 Miles) separation.

All uploads and downloads to and from the user are done using secure transfer technology. The backup-drive can be accessed, using a username and password, from any computer with Internet access.

Current backup disk sizes range from 100MB to 50 GB.


What are the minimum system requirements for installing and using BullGuard?


OS : Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP (SP2 minimum)
RAM : 512 Mb RAM
HDD : 200 Mb free
Internet Connection: Dial-up Internet Connection



I am trying to install some drivers and it says I need to disable any real time file monitoring services I have running… Is that ok and how do I do it?

You need to open your BullGuard application and select the Antivirus section. Then click on the "Antivirus is active" icon in order to disable the real time file monitoring. Finally after installing the drivers go back to the Antivirus section in BullGuard and enable it.


Why does Windows Security Center say that BG modules are not enabled?


This may happen for two reasons. Either the BullGuard modules are indeed disabled or the Windows Security Center falsely detects them as not active. You can check if the modules are disabled or not, by opening BullGuard and going through the Antivirus/Firewall sections.

If the modules are enabled, it means that the Windows Security Center simply does not recognize them as active. You can in this case, disable the Windows Security Center notifications for the specified module.



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