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Can you please tell me more about BullGuard Antivirus?


The BullGuard Antivirus has been constructed with special emphasis on reliability and update speed to minimize risk during epidemic virus outbreaks.
Based on the award-winning BitDefender Antivirus technology, BullGuard Antivirus offers users one of the fastest response times to virus outbreaks in the industry.


Can you please tell me more about BullGuard Firewall?


Your PC has many ports (think of them as doorways) that allow programs like Outlook, Internet Explorer or Yahoo! Messenger to link to your machine.

Hackers use automated attacks and port scans on millions of Internet users, trying to find vulnerabilities in your PC which will give them access to your personal data. Sadly, a standard home user with a DSL connection gets an average of 30 port scans every day.
BullGuard Firewall protection secures ports so that no malicious programs can sneak into your machine. A firewall gives you complete control over traffic into and out of your computer, stopping unauthorized access from intruders, as well as unauthorized traffic from your computer.


Can you please tell me more about BullGuard Online Backup?


The Online Backup is the ultimate in document security solutions, designed to safeguard key documents and files.

Documents are stored on BullGuard’s backup servers, placed in hardened, temperature and humidity controlled bunkers 25 meters above sea-level in an earthquake-free zone.

These first line servers are backed up on identical second line servers placed in a separate geographical location with 300 Km (186 Miles) separation.

All uploads and downloads to and from the user are done using secure transfer technology. The backup-drive can be accessed, using a username and password, from any computer with Internet access.

Current backup disk sizes range from 100MB to 50 GB.


Can you please tell me more about BullGuard P2P protection?


All Peer-To-Peer applications such as ICQ, NetMeeting, Yahoo Messenger, Skype or MSN Instant Messenger are protected with BullGuard.


What technology do you use?


The Antivirus component in BullGuard is powered by award-winning BitDefender. The engines are certified by ICSA Labs, USA. This ensures detection and removal of the majority of viruses roaming around the Internet.


What are the minimum system requirements for installing and using BullGuard?


OS : Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP (SP2 minimum)
RAM : 512 Mb RAM
HDD : 200 Mb free
Internet Connection: Dial-up Internet Connection


Am I 100% safe against viruses with BullGuard?


No. While 100% security is the goal, no one is ever 100% safe from viruses with any anti-virus product. Unfortunately, people continue to create new viruses that are very sophisticated and often hard to destroy.
The good news is that BullGuard is a proactive security product – meaning, we catch the viruses before they hit your system. BullGuard constantly research and update your system with the most current information and virus solutions to provide the best security possible.


How can I protect my computer more effectively against viruses?


There is no "magic recipe" for protecting a computer or a network against viruses or malicious codes. However, some basic measures for protection can be taken:

1. The appropriate use of an antivirus program and its frequent update.
2. Frequent backups of all important documents on external drives (your BullGuard online backup drive, Zip disks, CD-ROMs etc.).
3. Keep Windows updated. Remember to have Windows Automatic Update turned on, if you use Windows XP.
4. Avoid opening attachments or mails that come unsolicited, especially the attachments that contain the following extensions: .exe, .com, .lnk etc.
5. Regular scan of the computer.


I am trying to install some drivers and it says I need to disable any real time file monitoring services I have running… Is that ok and how do I do it?

You need to open your BullGuard application and select the Antivirus section. Then click on the "Antivirus is active" icon in order to disable the real time file monitoring. Finally after installing the drivers go back to the Antivirus section in BullGuard and enable it.


Why does Windows Security Center say that BG modules are not enabled?


This may happen for two reasons. Either the BullGuard modules are indeed disabled or the Windows Security Center falsely detects them as not active. You can check if the modules are disabled or not, by opening BullGuard and going through the Antivirus/Firewall sections.

If the modules are enabled, it means that the Windows Security Center simply does not recognize them as active. You can in this case, disable the Windows Security Center notifications for the specified module.


Can I block access to specific websites with BG?


No, that option is not yet available in BullGuard.


I already have security program that will expire in a few days. Can I download and install BullGuard with the other one still running?

No, it is highly recommended that you uninstall all other security applications before installing BullGuard. Otherwise you may experience conflicts between the two programs that will lead to slowdowns, errors or even computer crashes.


Is it recommendable to use two anti-virus products or more on the same system?


Using two anti-virus products on the same computer may increase your security; one security product might find viruses that another cannot.

BUT - If you plan to use two or more security products, this practice will very likely be damaging to your system, affecting its performance drastically.

(In general, we strongly discourage the use of more than one anti-virus or firewall product at any one time.)

Are you better than the other security products?


The security market is a crowded place. As a customer, this is a good thing, since you have the choice of many quality products. But it can also be confusing, because – which one should you choose? BullGuard cuts through the confusion. We bundle anti-virus, firewall, spamfilter and backup protection into a simple easy-to-use product, and we do this with very high efficiency.

Furthermore, we offer 24/7 live chat and email assistance for all our clients, free of any charge.



If you did not find the solution you were looking for, please feel free to contact our Support.


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