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by BullGuard

Scam alert - fake Post Office texts and websites

A new delivery scam impersonating the UK Post Office has been discovered and it uses very convincing clone websites. Previous related scams have used Royal Mail, DPD and Hermes company branding as cover but the Post Office us used by millions of people every day so the scale of fraud is potentially much larger.

by Alexandra Gheorghe

How widespread is credential stuffing? Very.

You know what credential stuffing is. It’s a common cyberattack method in which attackers use lists of compromised user credentials to breach system. These systems could be anything from, PayPal, Netflix, Gmail or other popular online services, retailers to food outlets, sports shops and so on.

by BullGuard

Facebook, Privacy and the enduring value of VPNs

The French data protection watchdog has hit Facebook and Google with fines of €150 million and €60 million respectively for violating EU privacy rules by failing to provide users with an easy option to reject cookie tracking technology.