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by BullGuard

Covid vaccination scams

With predictable certainty cyber criminals have taken advantage of the Covid-19 vaccinations to confuse and defraud the unwary. If you know what to look for these scams are as transparent as a pane of glass, if you don’t know the signs then read on.

by BullGuard

Top tips for working from home

Hopefully as vaccination programmes get underway we’ll see the back of Covid-19 but one thing that is likely to stay around is home working. The sudden and mass move to home working during 2020 brought in its wake a lot of benefits as businesses and organisations realised that as long as security is in place it’s a viable option that can suit b...

by BullGuard

2021 the year ahead

2020 has been a year unlike any other the world over. However, with vaccination programmes being rolled out 2021 can only get better. If there have been any silver linings it’s that far more people now have an acute sense of how important cyber security is. But what can we expect during 2021? Of course there will be potholes and pitfalls that ne...

by BullGuard

Don't get scammed online this holiday season

There is something like two billion people across the globe that regularly shop online today. That's roughly about one in four of the world's population. During the Christmas holiday season, online shopping surges to an annual peak and it's probably higher than ever as a result of the pandemic and lockdowns. It's also a huge source of opportunit...

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