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Reason 2: We want to help you

Let me reiterate:  we’re passionate about keeping things simple and about people. We also feel strongly about building a business success on something we can actually be proud of, not just something that we can make a profit on: the something we’re proud of is our people passion and that passion translates into wanting to help! As I’ve mentioned earlier, BullGuard’s starting point was the indignation of two guys who couldn’t see the reason why something as important as security needed to be so complex as to intimidate the very people it was meant to reassure.

That indignation is still there, 10 years later.

What it comes out as, first of all, is our devotion to user-friendliness – user-friendliness in the broadest sense of the word. This goes for our design, our communication, the technological choices we make, our subscription policy and our choice to dedicate plenty of resources to provide our users with outstanding support. We put a lot of effort into being helpful in all of our interactions with our users. The most heated discussions in the company revolve around where to put that button and what word to use in it. Because our mission is always to make it really simple, really straightforward, really accessible for our users. Instead of using a fancy word to impress you with our infinite wisdom and technological savvy, we’d much rather use the word that will instinctively make you realize what happens when you click on the button.

Granted, sometimes we fail.

But it’s certainly not because we couldn’t be bothered to make the effort. So we want to help you by letting you feel confident about installing and using our software. And we want to help you by instilling you with confidence that we are on top of things – ready, willing and able to protect you, your computer and everything on it. By doing that, we give you the freedom to enjoy everything the internet has to offer, knowing that we’ll take care of all the boring security stuff behind the scenes.

Another manifestation of the indignation is our desire to enlighten you.

We want to educate people and help them make the right decisions. There is no “Good Online Behaviour” class you can take at school, and for many people out there it’s hard to find the balance between sensible and frivolous online behaviour. What are the basic do’s and don’ts? What can you click, post, share, open? Is it okay to leave your credit card details in an e-wallet? (Is it? Well, that depends … Would you feel okay about leaving your credit card behind at the counter in your local supermarket?) When is security sacrificed at the expense of convenience? Quite often, as it happens. Can you text your bank details to your mate so that he can transfer the money he owes you? (Bad idea, that, unless you and your mate happen to be among the 8% who have security software installed on your smartphone!) Watch this space for lots of do’s and don’ts!

We want you to know these things.

We want you to know because knowledge is good. We want you to know because the better behaved you are online, the more difficult you make it for the bad guys. And we really don’t like the bad guys. Grrr... remember the logo?!
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Written by Katrine Palsby

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