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So. What’s the point with this blog?
The point is the same as that of any other blog: to get your attention. Why do we want your attention? There are a couple of reasons, actually – and it’s not that we are a bunch of 19-years-olds pushing for international celeb status.
  • Reason 1: We want to fight the bad guys.
  • Reason 2: We want to help you.
In the following posts, I’ll elaborate on these reasons. And I really hope you’ll comment and share your thoughts. First things first, though. As this is the first post on a new blog, I don’t know what you know.  I can of course make a few educated guesses and check out traffic stats, but that doesn’t give me the answer to the “what?” I’m asking, which is: “What do you know about BullGuard?” Which is why I’ll assume you know nothing, and why I’ll start off by telling you how we see ourselves at BullGuard: Over the years, we’ve used quite a few taglines, catch phrases and the like. Out of all of them, my personal favourite is this one:  “We keep you safe and we keep it simple”. To me, that speaks the necessary volumes and tells the story nicely.

The longish version of the story goes something like this:

A couple of Entrepreneurial Types sat down in 2001 and took a long, hard look at the computer security industry. They concluded that it was confusing and frustrating to an extent that was practically rude to the consumer! The problem was that the industry developed software for the IT departments in large corporations. The same product was then re-hashed and given a quick makeover before being passed on to the consumer. The result was a mess. The user experience was nightmarish and the interface designs were, well … non-existent.  “Let’s do better”, the aforementioned 2 Entrepreneurial Types decided. And they set out to create a security product specifically with the consumer in mind. Something simple and effective and backed by first class support.

Here’s how they did it:

Instead of setting up huge tech labs and develop technology from scratch, the 2 ETs took an altogether different approach:  they developed a plug-and-play architecture. This allowed them to search the market for the best security technology features available and connect them, ensuring complete and superior protection for regular people. The distinguishing feature was the design. Wrapping everything up in a well-designed, easy-to-use interface that made it easy for ordinary users to navigate and uncomplicated to set up. From Day One, the 2 ETs put design and user-friendliness first, to create a very Scandinavian piece of software – logical, efficient and appealing, elevating simplicity to a security feature in itself. (More on that in the following posts). They ended up with a product that worked, was easy to use and looked good! By 2002 standards, anyway …. That was the driver to begin with, and has been BullGuard’s M.O. ever since.
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Written by Katrine Palsby

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