Worried about your Facebook account security? Does it seem like not a single day passes without suspicious links appearing on your wall and you hear talk of social media scams? Here are 7 useful tricks to protect you against the “Social Network” threats:  

Step 1:  Use https://. Make sure you enable the “Secure Connection” option in your Facebook account settings, to avoid intrusive access to your private data and logins. For example, Firesheep, a popular Firefox add-on can be used by anybody to access confidential information from devices that are connected to the internet and are in the same network. Https

Step 2: Turn on Login Notification. This way, you’re notified by e-mail and/or text message (SMS) when an unknown device is accessing your Facebook Account. If this happens, change your password right away. Login notification

Step 3: Enable double-authentication. Turn on the “Login Approvals” feature. This basically blocks strangers trying to access your account and redirects them to a second screen where they need to enter a code that has been sent to your phone number. Granted, this security measure can be one of the more annoying ones, if you usually access your account from other computers or you’re regularly cleaning the browser cache. Approvelogin

Step 4: Use a URL scanner. In 2011, we saw an increase in the number of phishing attacks through malicious links shared on Facebook (for more info check this BullGuard security article). A dedicated link scanner is a must these days. BullGuard Internet Security offers a similar feature, as shown below: Fblinkscanner

Step 5: Review the connected third-party apps. On a regular basis, you should check out the applications connected to your Facebook account here and remove/edit the unknown/suspicious ones.   Fbapps

Step 6:  Turn off the online chat. Facebook crooks are trying to use all the platform’s social features to trick you. Only last week they crooks impersonated the Facebook Security Team and started to contact everyone through the live chat to steal account information and credit card data. Facebook_chat_attack

To disable it, click the gear located in the bottom-right corner and select “Go offline”.

Step 7:  Keep yourself informed. Try to be up-to-date with the latest Facebook scams, security tips and information:

If in doubt, contact us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BullGuard

The Ultimate Step.  As a community manager for BullGuard I engage with victims of social media threats on a daily basis. At the end of the day, no matter how many steps you take to protect yourself, none of them beat the ultimate protection step:  Common Sense. Despite the new security technologies, common sense remains your best defence. Be careful what you click on and always think ahead. Do you have any other tips to secure the Facebook account? Feel free to share them below.