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Back To School!

With just a few days left before the new school year starts, we’ve put together a list of fun apps to keep friends and family connected, as well as tools to help you stay at the top of the class. Some are obvious and some are a little newer and cooler.
 BUT, before you download anything, make sure you have BullGuard Internet Security 12 on your computer, and BullGuard Mobile Security 10 on your phone. And of course, only download apps and programs from reputable sites that you know. So here you are:

  7 fun, useful apps to be successful in school

  • 1. Groupme. Create a study group out of your current contact list from your phone and share homework ideas, photos, your location and chat as much as you like for free.  Enter to win a free GroupMe t.shirt for sharing how you use the app. Enter here.
  • 2. Inclass. Keep up in the classroom! Record audio, take notes via text or video,and take pictures of slides, handouts, or the cute boy/girl across from you. Then share your notes with friends through Facebook or iTunes or print them out. Set alerts for when homework is due so you never miss a deadline, and keep your class schedule and other to-dos all in one place!
  • 3. Skype. Download Skype on your phone and computer for free calls and video chat, one-on-one or in a group. You can even connect with your Facebook friends via Skype!
  • 5. Exam support. Do you get anxious before a test? This app takes you through a guided meditation to reduce anxiety. The suggestions on this app retrain your brain, and help your performance, confidence and concentration.
  • 6. MindNode. Create your own professional looking mind maps with MindNode. Brainstorm away and share with your peers as a PDF.
  • 7. Amazon Mobile. It can be hard to go off campus to buy supplies. Either you’re in the middle of nowhere or you don’t have a car, Amazon Mobile is a great resource for getting last minute things, and more importantly, second-hand books!
Have fun with these apps and stay in school! 
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Written by Kirsten Dunlaevy

Kirsten Dunlaevy is a blogger for BullGuard. With a background in advertising and branding she is extremely familiar with the ups and downs of social media and the world of communication. Kirsten is here to educate you on how to navigate all things digital, in a safe and responsible manner. Her other passions are decidedly un-digital, she loves being out on the water and cooking.

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